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JCUA works to build relationships between the Jewish and Muslim communities in Chicago. These relationships help to dissolve barriers of potential bigotry and ignorance and to foster a culture of genuine understanding and respectful discourse. Moving forward, JCUA, in collaboration with our Muslim partners, will continue to address local issues affecting both communities and the broader society, based on our shared interests and commitment to social justice.



JCUA established JMCBI in 2001 in response to an increase in intolerance and anti-Muslim sentiment following the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. Reaching across religious divides is imperative for all Americans, but especially for Jews and Muslims, whose religious principles call on them to connect across communities and learn from one another in peace.

Through JMCBI, JCUA has partnered with civic and community-based Muslim organizations to jointly address issues such as police brutality, racial profiling, affordable housing, and workers' and immigrants rights affecting Chicago area neighborhoods. The program also offers unique opportunities for social interaction and cross-cultural learning on a grassroots level, through cultural events and educational opportunities like Cafe Finjan and Iftar in the Synagogue.

Jewish Muslim Community Building Today

In collaboration with our Muslim partners, JCUA works to create avenues for jointly advocating on social justice issues in the Chicago area that are important to both communities. This alliance builds bridges between Jews and Muslims, and draws us  together around our mutual dedication towards working for social justice.


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